1st EVIta Symposium 2019

6-8 November 2019

Palermo, Italy

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The Extracellular Vesicles Italian (EVIta) Society has been just founded.

EVIta promotes basic, clinical and translational research and the activation of an interactive network among Italian researchers in the field of Extracellular Vesicles.

EVIta aims to be a point of reference for the exchange of ideas, information and initiatives in this area. In order to achieve this  objective and increase interest in this area, EVIta is organizing its first scientific congress in Palermo.

We are sure that this opportunity will help create new partnerships and provide opportunities for exchanging ideas among researchers and possible industry partners.

We are expecting 150 participants from Italy, representing around 70 research laboratories; in addition, several international speakers have been invited to underline the international and multidisciplinary character of the Society.

The first EVIta symposium will bring together Italian excellence in the study of extracellular vesicles in a wide diversity of fields medicine, biochemistry, physics, veterinary medicine, pharmacology. Common areas of focus are:


    • Biomarkers     • Cellular Biology     • Drug discovery    

• Drug Delivery     • Epigenetics     • Cancer     • Neuroscience    

• Immunology     • Liquid Biopsy     • Regenerative Medicine

Scientific committee:

EVIta Executive Board

Organizing committee:

Italian National Research Council

Giorgia Adamo

Antonella Bongiovanni

Antonella Cusimano

University of Palermo

Riccardo Alessandro

Francesco Cappello

Italia Di Liegro

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EVIta 2019 Newsletter

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